Meet Joel Green, Age Four.

I would like to introduce you to Joel Green and his family.  When I saw this video, Joel was 4 years old. In truth, I cannot tell you if Joel is still alive. In fact, I don’t know much about him except that his parents would do what every parent would do if they had a Joel. They would give up their lives for him.

Judging from the video, Joel does not truly understand the depths of his problem.  He’s dying.  Doctors said he had months to live and here two years later he is still doing what all four-year old do, play and laugh and laugh and laugh.  His laugh is infectious.

Listen to the parents share their story. They share Joel’s story. They cannot think about tomorrow.  It isn’t because they don’t want to. It’s because it takes too much energy. They need to be here in the present to live their lives, to care for their three other children and to care for Joel. The task seems daunting.

The video confirms that living in the present forces us to deal with reality.  For Joel’s parents living in the moment allows them to savor each second with Joel because it’s doubtful he will be here tomorrow.