When Was the Last Time You Were Lost in the Moment?

When was the last time you were lost in the moment? Or perhaps the question is, have you ever been lost in the moment? Before living here, on Saba full-time, I use to claim I lived in the moment but the truth was I lived in the future. I think, it’s the American way.

Americans are planners. We’re always planning or sometimes we live other people’s plan for us.  Today’s parents plan every step of their children’s lives from the moment they are born. Everything is part of a master plan. Everything is selected based on their child going to this school, taking part in this activity so that when the time comes they will be acceptable to the university and free to pursue their dreams.

Americans are  a people on the move.  Always looking to tomorrow without enjoying the here and now. When you live for tomorrow, tomorrow never comes because it’s always tomorrow.

Living on a small island in the middle of the Caribbean has its positives.  I stop wearing a watch almost two years ago.  My cell phone is a pay as you go.  It’s my old iPhone. I don’t text. I don’t use voice mail.  My phone never rings and I don’t call anyone. I spend my time in the moment by enjoying the company of friends, making dinner, watching the sunset, the incoming rain storm or a hummingbird fluttering from flower-to-flower. Not focusing on tomorrow is less stressful. It is simply going with the flow and letting life unfold before. You cannot predict tomorrow.  It will come regardless of what we do today so enjoying the moment is an opportunity that will never come again while there will always be a tomorrow.